Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscars: Second Post

So now I decided to do a semi-live blog for the oscars cause I don't want to think about captions for a new facebook photo album.

Steve made a joke which is a few weeks old after seeing 30 rock.

9:00: Still hate the presentation for screenplays. Adapted, Original or Vaginal.

9:01: I'm betting on Slumdog, for every catagory it is in tonight.

9:02: I win. Fuck you Dewey.

9:04: Good short speech I like it, but he'll be back up a few times tonight.

9:04: Jen, I hope Brad and Jolie come up somehow and fight her. Also, a lesser version of me is there.

9:05: Shit about animation. I watched Wall-E with some younger people. My favorite part was me discussing how so much of the science doesn't hold up to real life or our predictions for the next 50 years. Also, fucking talking animals and fucking George Lucas. All of which my love of not being down symdrome-y makes me not enjoy.

9:07: Can we not have good animation that has actual human characters in? Kids that age love the character that the animals have. Why not use humans so as they get older they can love character driven movies rather than the shit action movies that are destroying cinema. I blame Pixar for everything.

9:08: Animated short film = liquid out the cock and making another drink. Back shortly.

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