Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blowing Dandelions

I would hate to be the clerk who rents out shit. You have no ownage in the stuff but you have to be the guy who busts balls if someone is late with the return. That is one of the thankless yet not dirty jobs. So you won't see them on tv.

Much like hats. Fuck that job, I would never ride another's head and slowly excrete cum into the minds of many young. Earwig........not for me, sorry.

Tired of titles

About three or so years ago I was riding the campus bus up north and we stopped by the dorm named Markley. I cut off my mute and poured forth "All 'Barkley's get off'. Comic gold.

Girl's from Markley have been shy recently, I guess they don't know the lore. So says Tzu.


"I don't play with madness. Madness don't play."

I thought I understood those words. But I didn't and still don't.

But replace 'madness' with 'the drink' and I've got a PhD.


I said, "The leaves shone white."

Yet, my PO didn't believe that they were maple leaves mixed with alcohol then heated and cooled to remove the waxy solid. Then with the right mix of acids and bases, alkaloids were removed and kerosene did some work. The kerosene was removed and maplecaine was almost made. It only had a small reaction left with methyl alcohol. Thus kinda pure 'maplecaine' was made.

God damn justice system.

David Ogilvy. Wiki

I want to initiate an initiative to ban advertisements from saying the phrase "_blank_ isn't the only thing. It is the only thing." I saw a movie, a cleaning product, and a period reducing hormone use that phrase in their commercial today. Come up with something original, like "Plug your ears, this movie will be loud. Plug your drains, this will clean your tub and shit. Plug your vagina."

There, I covered all three items in ease.

Jerry Falwell? Not bad.

It isn't so much that the angels were tiptoeing on the rooftops as much as they were dancing on the awnings. They were much closer and moving in a much more violent beautiful way.

Number lines

The worst part of going to a bar is seeing all those rich labels of spirits. Blue label this, single malt that, LE nipple.

Whenever I see those bottles I think of the good times the wealthy could have at a place like this and wonder about the turns I made that led me to be on the good side of those labels.