Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscars: First Post

Thoughts of the 81st oscars after 20 minutes.

Hugh had a rather entertaining opening.

First award: Best supporting actress. Winner, Penelope Cruz, looked better at last nights Spirit awards, but worthy.

During the listing of nominess they went from Penelope to Marissa Tomei. Both attractive women, and Marissa looked amazing in "The Wrestler". But right behind Marissa, over her should, was a horse. I didn't recognize her right away but I believe she let the star chicks of "Sex in the City" ride around on her wide haunches and she would the graze in Central Park during actual work.

Ahhhhhhh spanish. She should forfeit her award for associating with Rafa Nadal with that language.

Finally, Tom Colicchio had a commercial for some alcohol, thought it was better than the fat guys trying to sell mike's hard on.

Wait, Steve Martin and Tina Fey continue to somehow think that being funny makes them the shit. Bot are funny, but not funny enough to glance at my dashing eyes with their nose higher than mine. They are there for best original screenplay. Which was presented much better last night, and had better choices. But that is because the studios only have a 80% sway over the nominees and winners.

Dustin Lance Blackman for "Milk", which I agree with. I mean what with prop 8 and all, I mean it takes 8 to prop up my penis when flaccid, imagine when a movie ties into prop 32 which will allow dead holocaust victim marrieges, my penis will swell to unknown proportions.

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