Monday, February 18, 2008

Kane-ing the King

AFI Top 100 review of Citizen Kane

1997 ranking - 1st
2007 ranking -1st
Released - 1941

A few opening remarks before I review.

1) This is the first review I've done of a movie that I haven't seen. I've caught a few scenes before but have never watched it all.

2) I watched this movie a friend's apartment. Why is that important to note? No, it wasn't due to the fact that I have a friend and I was allowed to go to her place, but because I feel that I was out of my element just a tad so I may not be bringing my best funk.

3) She wore a hat and I wore a suit...and I wore it well.

4) I was having my period at the time of viewing.

5) She received a phone call from a friend early on in the movie's run and we had to pause the movie and this created a disruption of the movie's flow was still heavy though.

6) I got a phone call in the last third of the movie, we had to pause the film again, but do to me being a man and not a woman I didn't fuck up the situation.

7) It was a Saturday, not unlike the Saturdays you read about in those Danielle Steel novels.

8) I never met Orson Welles, don't believe what the bitch Mike is saying.

Ok, onto the review.

The movie was good.

Rating: 8 mustache hairs in the mouth out of 10

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