Friday, January 18, 2008

30 Minute Meals

People always love extra virgin olive oil....or e.v.o.o. from Rachel I can't cook for shit or host a show if my clit depended on it Ray. But once you take your society enforced blind fold off you realise that much more flavor is to be had from an olive oil that has been at least double penetrated if not an oil that has an D.V.D.A. train ran on her.

All in all, Rachel Ray is a fucking cunt blow dryer, she isn't even drunk wife material. Her voice sounds like I came on a sheep in heat fucking Barry Manilow.


Dani said...

this post didn't make any sense to me until you clarified it in the last paragraph. i heard rachel ray is a lesbian, too.

T. Murder said...

i agree, the last paragraph really pulled it together.

i'd like this post better if you replaced the word "clit" with "cunt" and the word "cunt" with the words "blood fucked cunt hammer."