Wednesday, December 12, 2007


My group of friends frequents a bar that has two dollar pitchers on Monday and Wednesday nights. On Monday nights we always have the same waitress and we have quite the nice rapport with her. The bar is never very crowded on the nights so we talk to her a bit and she brings us cheap beer, and has even been known to let some of us stay after closing for free drinks. This is merely information regarding the upcoming part.

I had a conversation with my friend about two dreams he had last night. And it went as such...

Friend: I had a dream we went to the bar and 'waitress' was there and I bitched her out.

Me: That's pretty freaky.

Friend: Then I dreamt that 'other friend' was the punt returner for Michigan.

Me: I think that is more realistic and possible than you bitching out 'waitress'.

I stand by that, she brings us 60oz. of beer for only 2 dollars. You can't bitch at someone who does that.

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