Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hazzuh, yeah fuck that guy.

My nipples can't nurse a child. But my spleen can fuck a czech.


T. James said...

Other functions of the spleen are less prominent, especially in the healthy adult:

Production of opsonins, properdin, and tuftsin.
Creation of red blood cells. While the bone marrow is the primary site of hematopoeisis in the adult, the spleen has important hematopoietic functions up until the fifth month of gestation. After birth, erythropoietic functions cease except in some hematologic disorders. As a major lymphoid organ and a central player in the reticuloendothelial system the spleen retains the ability to produce lymphocytes and, as such, remains an hematopoietic organ.
Storage of red blood cells and other formed elements. This is only valid for certain mammals, such as dogs and horses[citation needed]. In horses roughly 50% of the red blood cells are stored there. The red blood cells can be released when needed [6] These animals also have large hearts in relation to their body size to accommodate the higher-viscosity blood that results. In humans, however, the spleen does not function as a depository of red blood cells, but instead it stores platelets in case of an emergency. Some athletes have tried doping themselves with their own stored red blood cells to try to achieve the same effect[citation needed], but the human heart is not equipped to handle the higher-viscosity blood.

AND czech fucking. God damn eastern europeans and their night clubs and greasy hair and their skewed view of american culture.

Derg said...

Yes fuck those American Cultures and whatever he said bout Checks, them no-account sons of bitches with half a soul and the balance owed to Judas..