Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Georgistan is not a good person

I hate the Atlanta Braves and everyone who ever played for them.  But hearing that Greg Maddux retired I had a variety of emotions.  

He was by far the best pure pitcher that I grew up watching.  Forget Randy and Roger, they had power but not the feel Greg did.  And compared to Gregory's fellow pitching staff, Tom Glavine and John Smolts, I know that Maddux is much better, also saying that both Tom and John are very very solid Hall of Fame candidates.  But, I hate Greg for everything he did to my Reds.  And knowing that, I assume there will be one baseball writer who doesn't vote for him on his first ballot.  So we'll continue the tradition of no unanimous baseball hall of famers.  No Ruth, no Aaron, no Mays, no Christ.  Which is fucked the prostate fucked up.  There should have been some guy in the past, and there wasn't, but we should punish the current guys.


DL Murphy said...

upon reading the first line of this post, i thought, "what about greg maddux?" my concern was addressed as i read the next line.

DL Murphy said...

congratulations on over a year of posting!